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  • Mold and HVAC Cleaning

    Coldwater MS Mold Removal and Duct Cleaning Service

      Shield Environmental Services recently announced their newest location in Coldwater, MS, offering a variety of services such as mold removal, duct cleaning, disinfecting, specialty cleaning, asbestos removal, and UV lighting. The company takes pride in their professional and high-quality services that ensure a safe and healthy living environment for their clients. The Importance of […] More

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  • Home Schooling

    Why You Should Consider Online Schooling For Your Child’s Education

    Are you reconsidering the traditional education programs for your child? Consider online school programs. A recent study by the National Homeschooling Research Institute found that children who are homeschooled outperform their peers in public and private schools. There are many reasons why online schooling may be a better option for your family than traditional education. Let’s […] More

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  • Memphis Mold Removal

    Top Memphis Companies for Effective Removal

    Say Goodbye to Mold: Top Memphis Companies for Effective Removal Mold growth is a common problem in humid environments and can cause serious health issues if left untreated. In Memphis, where the humidity levels can reach up to 88%, homeowners and business owners alike are no strangers to the damage mold can cause. Finding the […] More

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